MAUS User Review
We are Coming to You

At NDTS we are listening to you, the MAUS user! We want to better understand your challenges and help you develop effective inspection solutions. The general feedback that we have been receiving, is that you would rather have us visit your area.  So, we are planning to have customized MAUS reviews at various locations throughout the year.

Having a MAUS User Review has many advantages.

  • No travel expenses for your employees.
  • Broadened knowledge base for the employees instead of single point of contact.
  • You choose the date(s) that fit best for your Company.
  • The review is customized for the way you use the MAUS System.
  • Individualized attention to questions and more time for technical discussions.
  • Opportunity to utilize new equipment and unique techniques.


We just finished a MAUS User Review in the Los Angeles area with excellent customer feedback and success. Upcoming MAUS reviews are being scheduled for Seattle and Dallas.  Other inquiries have been made for South Carolina and Florida.

AT NDTS we pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction, so contact us to schedule a MAUS User review for your company!   
Please contact for more information.


NDT Solutions offers training services, here at NDTS or at your site, that teach both the theory and application of nondestructive testing and inspection. 

Training Services offered:

  • On-site and off-site training.
  • ASNT and NAS 410 Level I and Level II training.
  • MAUS System Operation training.
  • MAUS System Maintenance training.
  • MAUS Operator Refresher training.
  • On-the-job training services.

Please call or email us for more information or to schedule your training. - (715) 246-0433



MAUS® V Training Syllabus 

Session 1

System assembly
Cable connections
Common nomenclature System Operation
System startup
A-scan data display
C-scan data collection/display
System shutdown
General MAUS V Setup
Set up introduction
Control parameters
Overview parameters
Pulse-echo Ultrasonic

General MAUS V Orientation
Ultrasonic depth parameters
Ultrasonic amplitude  parameters

C-Scan Data Collection
Scanner Controls
Start/Stop C-scan
Position controls
C-scan Data Interpretation
ImagIn® software introduction
Moving around a data image
Data measurement features
Annotations/notes features
Data archiving / retrieval 

Session 2

General Review
System assembly
Cable connections
System operation
System start up
A-scan data display
C-scan data collection/display

Eddy Current Setup
Inspection approaches
Impedance plane display
EC set up parameters

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Setup Review

Ultrasonic Array Setup
Understanding Phased Array
Phased Array Inspection  approaches
Phased Array Setup display
A-scan and B-scan display
Gates and DAC setup
P-E setup parameters

Resonance Setup
Inspection approaches
Frequency sweep and  impedance plane displays
Resonance setup parameters

On-aircraft Applications
On aircraft safety system
Operator setups on a variety of parts

Session 3

Training Review
General System Operation  System Setup
Pulse-echo Resonance Eddy Current C-scan
Data Collection C-scan Data
Interpretation/ Reporting

General Questions / Review Session

MAUS Setup Review

ImagIn® Training Session for Data Evaluation

MAUS Scanner Periodic Maintenance Training


Session 4

Hands On Practical

Each trainee will be required to demonstrate the ability to assemble the MAUS system

Each trainee will be required to demonstrate the ability to set up the MAUS system for an instructor selected inspection method

Each trainee will be required to demonstrate the ability to annotate, measure, and evaluate data with the ImagIn® software on collected data

Each trainee will be required to demonstrate the ability to save collected data and recall said data

Each trainee will be required to demonstrate the ability to dissemble and store the MAUS system

Final Review


MAUS® User Group Training Course - Fall of 2016

Here is past MAUS® User Group Training Course information - Past Information

The next biennial NDTS MAUS® User Group Training Course will be the fall of 2016.  Contact us to join our mailing list to get information of this exciting training course.

This training course will provide you the opportunity to learn from the experts, hear presentations from MAUS users covering unique solutions to their challenges as well as meet and interact with other MAUS users.

You can also receive training in Advanced User Techniques, Maintenance and MAUS Refresher Training. Plus you can receive CE Units for Level III Training.

MAUS User Group for 2016 will be held in Long Beach, CA.

To request more information about this event, please contact