Ultrasonic Transducers

The Focused Pencil Style Transducer exhibits extremely good, high frequency, broad banded responses which are particularly suited to precision thickness gaging. The echo envelope normally exhibits 1-1.5 cycles. These transducers offer superior response when used with many of today’s higher performance pulser-receiver combinations.

Mini Potted Angle Beam Transducers are very small and permit testing in highly confined areas, on small parts, and contoured surfaces and simplify access between closely-spaced fasteners. Having a narrow, restricted sound beam also facilitates more precise evaluation and mapping of flaws.

The Mini Angle Beam Transducer features an element and wedge which are permanently mounted in a compact aluminum case with the exclusive OPTI-GRIP surface for ease of handling.

Quick Change Angle Beam Transducers and Wedges are ideally suited for use where access is limited, on relatively thin materials, or for more precise flaw location and evaluation. The quick change feature is convenient when it is necessary to use different transducer frequencies and/or refracted angle wedges during an inspection or evaluation.

The Quick Change Angle Beam Transducer features smaller size circular elements, higher frequencies and a one-quarter wave impedance matching epoxy face. The wear resistant transducer label is also frequency color coded for easy identification. Quick Change models are available with Microdot connectors only.

Delay Line Contact Transducers primary applications in precision thickness gaging and near-surface, high resolution flaw detection. Relatively smooth surfaces and fairly thin test objects are generally required for best reuslts.

Protected Element Models are fitted with a threaded retaining wing, which retains any of the three protective faces in intimate contact with the transducer element. The protective face is a pliable polymeric membrane used to assist coupling to rough or uneven surfaces. The wear-cap face is a firm polymeric delay line that can be replaced after use on rough, abrasive surfaces, or where a contoured face is needed. The heat-resistant delay line provides protection for the element in high temperature applications (intermittent use up to 600F). 

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Contact Transducers
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General Purpose
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Angle Beam Transducers
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Immersion Transducers
•Pencil Style Case
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mounting, slip-on angle, or
spherical and cylindrical)


Nova Series Dual Element Transducers


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