NSpect 210

The NSpect 210 is a two-station, single robotic inspection system designed for the non-destructive inspection industry. The NSpect 210 system addresses the increasing demands for 100% inspection of critical aero-structure carbon-fiber composite components. Combining world-class UT Equipment and KUKA High-Accuracy robots, NDT Solutions, Inc. offers a reliable, highly productive inspection cell.

• Highly accurate robotic platform
• Detect, locate and annotate multiple types of defects
• Full traceability utilizing bar code reader
• Auto-populated report generation
• Automated reference standard scan

• Safely load/unload during inspection. No special certification required to operate the machine.
• Demonstrated five-fold reduction in actual inspection time.

• Complex contour or flat scan
• Configurable station layouts
• Multiple processes integrated into the same system (immersion, squirter 
  and/or bubbler ultrasonic and eddy current capabilities)
• Minimal tooling required