VACRS Vacuum Couplant Delivery/Recovery System

NDT Solutions, LLC (NDTS) has developed a light-weight couplant delivery and recovery system (VACRS) which makes it possible to accomplish a C-scan with large ultrasonic arrays without the large water mess/hazard. This portable, easy-to-use design provides a copious amount of water to couple the transducer to the part, recovers the water, and leaves the inspection surface only slightly damp.

The beauty of this system is it’s compact transducer holder design which channels the water to the transducer contact areas, contains the water, then vacuums away the residual water which is then recycled for use again.

VACRS-Dual-Vac-400.jpg VACRS-II.jpg VACRS-Plus.jpg

 System Features
• No water mess/hazard
• Provides copious amounts of water/couplant
• Recovers water leaving inspection surface dry
• Reduces inspection times
• Provides ample transducer coupling
• Portable/Easy-to-use 

Product Compatibility
• FlawInspecta®
• Designed to your specifications for use with existing systems

VACRS Reduces Inspection Time
VACRS_pict2.jpgIn a trial on an aircraft NDTS used the VACRS system along with the MAUS® V C-scan system and a 3.2” 64 element ultrasonic array. It was found that the VACRS system helped cut the inspection time by fifty percent (50%) when compared to the same method without the VACRS. The VACRS can also be used with multi-channel systems as well as in Thru-transmission (TTU) applications.

Once you see the system in action you will want to incorporate it into your own inspection processes. NDTS is excited about this solution and the possibilities it provides for our customers and the future of NDT.

If you are interested in a demonstration or would like to see a video of the system in action, please contact an NDTS Customer Service Representative.


Custom Solutions

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