MAUS® RotoArray Portable C-Scan System

The MAUS® RotoArray™ is a portable, manually operated, phased array, ultrasonic inspection device which can be connected to the MAUS® C-Scan System to allow rapid scanning of a wide variety of materials and components.

Well suited for scanning composite and aluminum aerospace components, the MAUS® RotoArray™ can provide MAUS C-Scan images that are achieved with the simplicity of a handheld probe and with performance rivaling that of a full immersion C-scan system.

Key Benefits

  • Portable, putting the power of an immersion C-scan system in the palm of your hand
  • Is quick and simple, with minimal setup
  • Replaces or compliments full immersion tank and squirter system scanning
  • Provides fast and reliable portable scanning, with A, B and C-scan data
  • Is light weight and ergonomically designed
  • Is supplied with a Service Station to allow users to carry out simple repairs and configuration adjustments, such as tire replacement and air purging without factory assistance
  • Features easy coupling with no need for complicated irrigation systems
  • Platform is designed to be scalable and arrays can be customized to solve new applications

Description and Notes

  • Standard MAUS® RotoArray™ kits include the MAUS® encoder and the MAUS® FlawInspecta connector.
  • Standard MAUS® RotoArray™ units include 20-foot cabling.
  • Standard MAUS® RotoArray™ units will be non-focused (flat elements).
  • 0.8mm/0.0315” pitch MAUS® RotoArray™ has a 51.2mm/ 2.01575” active
    coverage width.
  • 1.27mm/0.050” pitch MAUS® RotoArray™ has a 81.3mm/3.2” active coverage width.
  • All RotoArray kits are shipped with a Certificate of Conformity.


The MAUS® RotoArray™ can complement or replace immersion scanning systems in a manufacturing environment, while being equally functional inspecting in the field or laboratory. It is ideal for scanning aircraft on the ground for collision damage, post-repair and other inspections.

System Description
The compact and lightweight MAUS® RotoArray™ consists of a linear, 64 element ultrasonic array contained within a tire which is inflated with a fluid to create a flexible coupling chamber between the array and the test piece. The ultrasonic tire is fitted within a scanning cart that can be rolled along the surface of a part to create an encoded high quality C-scan image.

Rapid Scanning of Composite Surfaces and Structures
The MAUS® RotoArray™ scanning platform is designed primarily for the inspection of aerospace materials such as composite and aluminum, although the platform can be used for flaw detection and thickness measurement in a wide range of materials. It can be used for inspection during manufacturing as well as for the inspection of damage of aircraft in service.