Double Reverse Scan Arm For MAUS® V

The MAUS DR11 addresses a multitude of inspection applications. The DR11 works with new and existing MAUS systems and can be customized to provide a unique solution to your most difficult inspection requirements.

Unique Features

• Double Reversing Configuration - Symmetrical Scan Plans for Efficient and Uncomplicated Scanning
• Multiple Attachment Options - Flexible Vacuum Track, Bench-Top or Overhead Gantry Frame
• Custom Scanning Solutions - Built for Vertical, Horizontal, Under Hanging and Overhead Scanning
• Large Area Inspection Solution - C-Scans Large Areas Quickly and Easily
• Works With Existing MAUS Systems - Reverse Compatible With the MAUS V

DR11_and_MAUS_system.jpgThe MAUS® DR11
is extremely versatile making it easy to expand to any users NDT Inspection capabilities and requirements. The system is sold as a customized package and can tackle the most difficult aspects of your inspection needs.

System Features
Includes the same features of the current MAUS® scanning system and more.

Double Reversible Scanning Configuration
• Multiple attachments available for the desired scan position
• Reduces setup and scanning time
• Easier procedure development - Symmetrical scan plans for efficient and uncomplicated scanning
• Versatile - System configuration allows for scans in difficult areas
• Large inspection area coverage - Ability to scan large sections of the aircraft/part in a multi-dimensional way
-More durable modular design
-More water resistant
-Easy set-up

Numerous Inspection Capabilities
• Highly Configurable
• Array Compatible
• Works with existing MAUS® systems GF11 Gantry Frame
• Designed to provide an easily configurable platform for operating the MAUS DR11  
• Portable or can be physically attached in workspace
• Can be used over an immersion tank or with the VACRS system
• Can be used in conventional or configured over part scanning
• Up to 12' length is available in standard configuration with custom lengths and gantry heights to suit your needs.