4" Stroke Linear Air Slide

The NEW 4 inch Stroke Linear Slide is a lightweight pneumatic slide mechanism that offers MAUS® users an extra 2.5 inches of sensor travel over previous designs. This NEW extended stroke design greatly enhances the MAUS Variable Stoke Scanners ability to inspect highly curved or irregular shaped parts while accomplishing large area C-scans.


  • MAUS® Variable Stroke Scanner assemblies where additional sensor travel is needed
  • Robotic NDI systems


  • Range of travel is 4-inches vs. standard 1.5-inches
  • Quicker - safer inspection set-ups
  • Reverse compatible with current MAUS sensors and holders
  • Configurable to your sensor "Toolbox"
  • Rigid lightweight sensor slide with precise control

Capabilities & Features:

  • Constant sensor force over variable contours
  • Switchable operation (Extend-Neutral-Retract)
  • Requires local shop air supply