A Complete Line of Eddy Current Probes to Choose From

If there is a special probe you are looking for you will find it at NDT Solutions, LLC. We are ready to help you find the exact probe you need to get the job done. We can also design probe kits to meet your inspection needs and budget requirements.

  • Probe Kits - Designed to meet the customers needs and specifications.  We can customize each kit|order tomeet all budget requirements.
  • High Frequency Surface Probes - Available in various shielded or unshielded designs and frequencies.  These probes are commonly used for surface crack detection.
  • Low Frequency Spot Probes - Gereral purpose for most applications.  Used for sub-surface defect detection, fatigue cracks, and metal thinning due to corrosion.
  • Low Frequency Ring Probes - These probes are made to fit around various fastener head diameters and are used for crack detection around installed fastener heads.
  • Manual Bolt Hole Probes - Several design options used for manual testing of fastener holes.
  • Rotating Scanner Probes - Probes used in combination with a motorized rotational scanner which is attached to an eddy current instrument. High speed testing of bolt holes, counter bores, the hole perimeter or around fastener heads are a typical application for these types of probes.
    Several probe designs and materials are available depending on the application.  We offer many designs for all rotating scanners on the market. If a standard design does not fit your application, we can manufacture a probe to meet your specifications|requirements. 
  • Rotating Scanner Countersink Probes - Used with a motorized rotational scanner to scan the countesink area of a bore for cracks. Many different designs and coil types are available to meet your inspection requirements.
  • Sliding Probes - These probes are mostly used to scan fastener rows.  Provides an easy and quick method of scanning smooth surfaces to detect surface and subsurface cracks. Probes can be designed to meet your specfic inspection requirements.
  • Blade Probes - Designed to work in areas with limited access such as narrow slots or gaps between structures for detection of surface abnormalities. Both sides of the probe are defect sensitive.
  • Delrin Surface Probes - Unshielded "pencil" type probe for surface crack detection.
  • Moulded Wheel Probes and Wheel Standards - Designed to scan complex shapes and maintain good contact to surface. These probes are used to scan the bead seat area of aircraft wheels. Complete aircraft wheel inspection kits are available for many different aircraft types or we can build a probe for you wheel.
  • Eddy Current Reference Standards - NDT Solutions offers a wide range of high frequency reference standards to ensure accuracy during calibration and inspection.
    Reference standards are used to select and verify the correct defect sensitivity levels during instrument calibration.