ETi 200

Eddy Current Flaw Detector
The ETi 200 is a high specification, two-channel, Eddy Current Flaw Detector offering the ability to multiplex up to eight frequencies. All eight frequencies can be viewed simultaneously as phase plane, strip chart, timebase or waterfall, in any combination.

The ETi 200 appeals to Eddy Current Professionals in all industries that require NDT. Some of the ETi’s specific applications include tube-testing, wire testing, testing of laminated structures and bolt hole inspection.

The ETi 200 also houses a SD storage card on board as well as USB capability for further data storage.

Packed with features, the ETi 200 is sure to satisfy a vast array of Eddy Current NDT needs.


System Features
• Ability to multiplex four frequencies per channel; meaning up to eight probes can be used at any one time
• Uses Linux based software and has an EThernet connector for connection to the client’s local network
• SD storage card on board and USB capability for further data storage
• Housed in a rugged, single piece cast aluminum chassis and is compact to aid usability