High Temperature Couplants


The Sonotech® family of Sono® couplants comes in temperature formulas of
600º through 1100º F. The product’s biodegradable formulas have made it
the leading choice for use in flaw detection, thickness gauging and acoustic
emission testing in the petrochemical, power generation, food processing
machinery and pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage equipment markets.

Part Number & Container Size:

Sono® 600 (0º to 600ºF)
45-901 1 Gal.
45-T04 4 oz. Tube

Sono® 900 (600º to 900ºF)
40-901 1 Gal.
40-T04 4 oz. Tube

Sono® 950 (600º to 950ºF)
29-901 1 Gal.
29-T04 4 oz. Tube

Sono® 1100 (700º to 1100ºF)
30-901 1 Gal.
30-T04 4 oz. Tube





Pyrogel® couplant offers the broadest temperature range (-50º to 880 ºF) for
thickness gauging, flow metering, acoustic emissions testing and flaw
detection. It is radiation proof, contains no polymers and resists drying,
making it an excellent choice for long term flow metering applications.
Ferrous corrosion inhibition rating of 100.

Part Number & Container Size:

Grade 7
21-901 1 Gal. (Minimum order of 2)

Grade 60
23-901 1 Gal.
23-T04 4 oz. Tube

Grade 100
24-901 1 Gal.
24-T04 4 oz. Tube


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