Spirit AeroSystems Develops and Licenses Patented Inspection Device to NDT Solutions


Wichita, KS - October 17, 2017

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NDT Solutions rece
ives the A4A/SAE Better Way Award

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Ft Lauderdale, Florida – September 30, 2017 - Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, and SAE International, the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering, jointly presented the 15th annual "Better Way Award" at the recent Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Forum to a team comprising members from Sandia National Laboratories, the Federal Aviation Administration, Delta Air Lines, NORDAM, and NDT Solutions, LLC for furthering the science and efficacy of nondestructive testing.

Recognizing the increasing use of composite materials for airplane structure, the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center convened industry experts from Original Equipment Manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier, as well as airlines, and other industry stakeholders to develop improved training curricula for inspectors. The effort assures better training and incorporates physical specimens for hands-on experience.

Members of the 2017 "Better Way Award" team include Russell Jones and David Westlund of FAA; John Bohler, Robert Hager and Alexander Melton of Delta; Stephen Neidigk, Tom Rice and Dennis Roach of Sandia; Daryl Graham and Jeff Harper of NORDAM; and Larry Culbertson of NDT Solutions.

"A4A congratulates this year’s winning team for their innovative approach toward improving aircraft inspector training, while further strengthening the U.S. airline industry’s world-class aviation safety record," said A4A Senior Vice P

resident, Safety, Security and Operations Billy Nolen. "Working in partnership, this team of industry leaders reflects our commitment to utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology and innovation through all phases of flight to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience for the 2.2 million customers who fly on U.S. airlines every day."

A4A’s NDT Forum is marking its 60th year at a four-day conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., where industry leaders met last week to discuss current trends, issues and successes in NDT methodologies. The event featured a number of presentations on achievements and lessons learned about technologies that help ensure the life and safety of aircraft structures by detecting defects well before they can be seen or cause a failure. This year’s topics showcased methodologies associated with composite structures, additive manufacturing and new repair methods for older aircraft models.


Annually, commercial aviation helps drive $1.5 trillion in U.S. economic activity and more than 10 million U.S. jobs. Airlines fly more than 2.2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo each day. Airlines for America (A4A) advocates on behalf of the American airline industry as a model of safety, customer service and environmental responsibility and as the indispensable network that drives our nation’s economy and global competitiveness.

A4A works collaboratively with the airlines, labor groups, Congress and the Administration to improve air travel for everyone.



NDT Solutions is Sold

November 13, 2015 was a lucky day here at NDT Solutions ... It's a day of new beginnings!
NDT Solutions have new owners, Michelle & Larry Culbertson of QNDT Services, LLC. Bringing these two companies together will create a full service NDT solution for you and your company.

NDT Solutions will continue to do business as usual, by thinking outside the "box", providing leading edge inspection capabilities and innovative nondestructive inspection solutions and products. Larry brings over 33 years of experience in both Lab and Field Nondestructive Testing application for various industries.

  • Certified Rolls Royce Level 3
  • Honeywell Level 3
  • Navy Nuclear Examiner
  • ASNT Certified Level 3 #24288 in Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Mag particle, Penetrant and Eddy Current Inspection Methods 
We are here to partnership with you for your NDT needs.

NDT Solutions, Inc. introduces the MAUS® RotoArray

We've taken the RotoArray® and made it an important component to the MAUS® Scanning System.

More information

St. Croix Insider: NDT Solutions, Inc. Embracing Innovation and Providing Solutions

By Brenda Bredahl

Since its founding 14 years ago, NDT Solutions, Inc. (NDTS), a game-changer in the paradigm of non-destructive inspection and ultrasonic aircraft testing, has steadily outgrown leased space in the New Richmond, Wis., Creamery building. Its newest home just might be the perfect fit—the New Richmond airport. . .

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Training Dates for 2013

NDTS is offering quarterly training sessions in the areas of Advanced Composites as well as use of the MAUS®. The MAUS® training sessions are covered over five days and the Advanced Composites training sessions are covered over five days. MAUS® training will be provided under the instruction of Jesse Skramstad, NDT Solutions, and the Advanced Composites training will be provided under the instruction of T. Greg Marshall, Quality Synergistics.

All classes below will be held at the NDTS facility located in New Richmond, WI.

  • November 18-21, 2013 – MAUS® V Operator Training Course 

To request more information about these classes or to register, please contact sales@ndts.com

FlawInspecta is finding Increased Acceptance in Ultrasonic NDT Applications

Due largely to the increasing use of carbon fiber composite materials found within the structures of civil aircraft programs like the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, many major aircreaft OEMs now face some very unique and specfic test and measurement challenges. The requirement for every part to be 100% inspected sees growing concern over the additional time and resources that will be needed to complete such tasks.  Established in 1975, primarily to develop real-time medical imaging solutions.   

NDT Solutions, Inc. moves to a new Office (April 2012) AGAIN

10-1 Airport Rd,  New Richmond, WI  54017

Since its founding 14 years ago, Non Destructive Testing Solutions Inc., a game changer in the paradigm of non-destructive inspection and ultrasonic aircraft testing, has steadily outgrown leased space in the New Richmond, Wis., Creamery building. Its newest home just might be the perfect fit - the New Richmond airport.

"Finding this location was a happy accident," said Jesse Skramstad, president and founder of NDTS, which moved operations into a hangar Arpril 2012. "We had been looking at options for expanding or moving. One day an employee was looking to buy a small airplane, and was checking Craigslist. He came running into my office and said, ‘We need to move here!’ and showed me the listing for the hangar."

The hangar had previously been occupied by Baumann Floats, which made seaplane floats. Baumann closed and moved remaining operations to Basler Turbo Conversions of Oshkosh and consequently was selling the New Richmond hangar.

NDTS built two levels of offices for sales and administration, research/development and engineering, an assembly area, inventory room and fulfillment center. "We are lucky to have investors who purchased the building," says Skramstad. "We are leasing the majority of it and sharing it with two small airplanes. Those are an inspiration to our employees, engineers and customers who come to train here."  

2011 MAUS® User Group Meeting - HUGE SUCCESS

NDT Solutions, Inc held it's first ever MAUS User Group Meeting on September 12-15, 2011.  MAUS Users from all over the world joined us in New Richmond, Wisconsin for what is sure to be an annual event.  Highlights from the meeting included guest speakers from The Boeing Company, C & D Zodiac, Sandia National Labortories, IMTT and Delta Airlines.  The education provided from users in all aspects of the field generated a much needed network and support system for those of us who meet inspectioin challenges everyday.

The response from MAUS Users has been so great that the NDT Solutions team has already begun planning for next years event.  If you are interested in getting involved and networking with MAUS Users, please contact NDTS.  We would be happy to include you for the MAUS User Group up-dates and information rearding next years event.

Contact us at info@ndts.com 

NDT Solutions, Inc (NDTS.com) and IMTT (RFEC) have reached a Long Term Distribution and Marketing Agreement.

this agreemnt gives NDTS exclusive rights to the Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) technology and instrumentatioin as related to The Boeing Company's MAUS®/AUSS automated C-scan syatem family as well as any other automated and semi-automated scanning systems not produced by IMTT.  the agreement also five NDTS non-exclusive rights to distribute the remainder of the IMTT Remote Filed Eddy Current Euipment and products.
NDT Solutions' president, Jesse Skramstad, stated "We are excited at the possibilites that this agreement brings to our customers.  By combining IMTT's revolutionary GRFEC technologies with the Mobile Automated Scanner (MAUS) system brings the ability to scan large areas to detect cracks and corrosion deeply hidden in thick multiple layer structures of different geometries.  This provides the possiblilty of rapidly inspecting the integrity of large complex structures without structure disassembly."

NDT Solutions, Inc. Moves to a new Office (April 2009)

NDTS has moved to a larger office.  Our old office was bursting at the seams.  Our phones and email are still the same.  Please make note of our new address:

NDT Solutions, Inc (NDTS)
150 W 1st St
NDTS Suite
New Richmond, WI  54017

SonoGlide UP is assigned a NSN number

Ultrasound couplant SonoGlide UP has been assigned a NSN: 6635-01-565-2310.  Go to our online store for more information.

NDT Forum open (July 2008)

Would you like to help others techinicians and professionals?  Need advise on a technique?  Go to our NDT Forum and sign up to read and post information.

NDTS has opened a Webstore for our Customers conviences (May 2007)

NDT Solutions is happy to annouce our web store opening.  We want to make it easy for you to find the things you need.  Check the webstore for deals on used equipment.  If you would like to see more items in the store, just drop us an email.

NDTS is proud to deliver the 50th FlawInspecta Ultrasonic Array to Boeing (Oct 2006)

NDT Solutions, Inc. announced it recently delivered the 50th FlawInspecta Ultrasonic Array to The Boeing  Company.  These Ultrasonic Phased Array systems are being used in various areas within The Boeing company, including the 787 program.  The FlawInspecta hardware is coupled to the MAUS® V (Mobile Automated Scanner) and the AUSS® XVII Inspection Systems.  The FlawInspecta provides a low cost ultrasonic array solution to many inspection problems.  Boeing reports that inspection speeds times can be reduced by a factor of 10 to 40 times by using the FlawInspecta coupled to their large area scanners.